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Passion Walk

We had a wonderful Passion Walk this year.  Thanks to all participants and everyone who came to witness our performance.
Please enjoy, THIS news article by The Brunswick Post and these shots from the various scenes.

Passion Walk Came

Passion Walk was held April 8th & 9th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.  Do not know what it is about? Waited excitedly for it to come? Check out this video!!!

Luther League Service

The Luther League led us in a wonderful worship service.  You better look out Pastor, or you might find yourself out of a job.

Bind Us Together

Thanks to everyone who came and tied blankets

Luther League Lock-In

Apparently, Martin Luther approves of Nerf gun fights.
Christmas Program

Each year, the children bless us with a wonderful Christmas program

Remember, Christmas is all about that Baby

Advent Festival

A great time for all

As we wait for our Lord Jesus

BAMA Thanksgiving Worship Service

We were blessed to worship with fellow congregations at our Church.  We look forward to worshiping with you all in the future.

Rake 'n' Run

Thanks to all who helped clean up leaves.  Good job everyone!!!

Sometimes, you just need to marvel at the beauty of God's creation.

Derbytown Barbershop Chorus

The Derbytown Barbershop Chorus comes to Zion.  For more info click here.

God's Work. Our Hands.
Zion's Potato Patch

Many hands came together to do God's work

Coolest potato digger ever!!!

We were blessed with an overwheling amount of potatoes

So, many potatoes

Mia Grace's Baptism

Welcome to our family Mia!!!

 Zion's Church Picnic

Thanks to all who helped put on a wonderful picnic!!!  

Everyone banded together to make delicious homemade ice cream.  Good job everyone!!!

Council Hires Youth Group Advisor

We warmly welcome Ariana Nehls.  For more information see here.

Vacation Bible School

Thank the Lord for another wonderful VBS, for all the wonderful people who made it possible and helped, and the great kids who came!!!

Confirmation Students

Congratulations to all who were confirmed. Welcome!!!


We rejoice and warmly welcome all of you



Organ Recital

Video of Joshua Brodbeck playing the organ.  He will be coming to Zion on April 9th at 3pm to give a performance. Please, come and join us!!!

First Communion


We celebrate with the youth who took their awaited first communion

Seder Meal


Set table for the Seder meal.  Yum, matzo!

Passion Walk


Last Supper - Now and then, as disciples, we look toward Christ.


Jesus Christ, thank you for Your sacrifice.


Roman Soldier on a horse.  So, cool.

Children enjoying all the neat craftsman displays, etc.

Passion Walk is Coming

Check out this video

Family Game Day


Who does not like fun?

Youth Service


Youth leading service and letting their light shine forth to all who attended!!!

Bind Us Together


Bind us together as we bind together these blankets for charity

God's Gifts Talent Show and Spaghetti Dinner


Father and son jam session



Zion's got talent!!!

Bird's Eye View of the Church


 We are so very blessed to have such a great place to glorify God!!!

Our New Window


 One of our beautiful new stained glass windows

Advent Festival


Everyone enjoying themselves with art projects for the Advent of our Lord Jesus.



Thanks to all who came and all who helped!!!

God With Us Concert


It must be a miracle of God that we fit so many people.




Praise the Lord!!!

Fall Picnic


Hay rides,


games, and


fishing, Oh, my!  A lot of fun had by all.  Thanks everyone for the food and place to gather.

Rake and Run



Power tools make everything more fun!!!


Behold!!! An army doing God's Work.

Third Grade Bible Distribution


We rejoice in the third graders receiving their Bibles.  May their light so shine before others that it glorifies our Father in Heaven.

Fall Brunch


Thank God for all the food and the people who made and brought the food.  It was delicious!!!



Pastor Jim Watson's Installation



Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support!!!


Back to School Night




We warmly welcome our new pastor Jim Watson


A beautiful beautiful day and beautiful beginning for our sisters and brothers in faith! 



 confirmation class 2015 greeting

 Williams Celebration 2015 childrens chat


 Thanks for a YUMMY Easter Breakfast and a beautiful time of fellowship to celebrate our risen Lord. 

 Easter Breakfast 2015 the crowd

 Easter Breakfast 2015 grandfather and g...

 Easter Breakfast 2015 matching family

 Easter Breakfast 2015 Meat Team

 Easter Breakfast 2015 michelle and paul

Easter Breakfast 2015 servers and chefs

Easter Breakfast 2015 cooking eggs


First Communion was a beautiful part of our Maundy Thursday Worship.  Blessings to you, kids!

 First Communion 2015


What a wonderful Passion Walk this year!  Thank you to our many actors and workers who made this weekend possible.

 Passion Walk 2015 Last Supper A
 The last supper scene cast

Passion Walk 2015 crying girls

The crying girls

 Passion Walk 2015 Peters Denial

The Cast of Peter's Denial Scene

 Passion Walk 2015 Tomb

The Sealed Tomb

Passion Walk 2015 potter

The potter in the Marketplace

  Passion Walk 2015 Bakers

The Bakers in the Marketplace


The Cast of the Garden Scene


Trial before Pilate


Bearing the cross...




Preparing cookies for the 450 to 500 guests.  Thank you!


Confirmation Camp was a wonderful experience.  Thanks, LMC, for a wonderful few days!  Can't wait to be back in the summer!

ConfirmationCamp2015 cabin

 confirmationcamp2015 basketball

 confirmationcamp2015 leading group in s...

 confirmationcamp2015 lodge

 The God's Gifts Talent Show and Spaghetti Dinner was a beautiful testament to God's gifts to us through each other! Thank you for sharing your gifts, work, and laughter, everyone!

Talent Show 2015 Books of the Bible 

Sharing the books of the Bible in order...

 Talent Show 2015 CD cooking

A cooking demonstration... so so yummy

 Talent Show 2015 eating

If you eat pasta and antipasta together, will you still be hungry?

Talent Show 2015 MG fishing 

A fishing demonstration

 Talent Show 2015 kitchen joy

Enjoying the show and cleaning the kitchen at the same time!

 Talent Show 2015 NB harmonica

Dad and son jamming to harmonica and guitar.   

 It was a glorious day with Bishop Allende and St. John St. Paul Choir.  Praise be to God for His goodness!  So thankful for our combined mission and connection to our wider church.











Good times.  Awesome God.  Serving our Communities.

 GWOH woods

GWOH work


GWOH work 2

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