Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church


Zion has been blessed with many wonderful ministries, events, and groups. 

Each of our ministries is a valuable part of one of six teams.  This better organizes their work and invites participation.  The teams are Worship, Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Ministries, Congregational Life, Facilities, and Financial. 

Together, these six teams embody, support, and represent the work of our church.

You are welcome to serve on any of these teams.  Contact our Church office by phone: 330-483-3873 or email: office@zionvc.org for more information.

God’s work.  Our Hands.

Worship Team – Team Leaders Sherry Dey and Bryan Penvose

These are the people involved in planning and implementing our Sunday worship and special worship events such as Lent, Holy Week, etc.  These include the Deacons, Altar Guild, Worship and Music Committee, Lay Worship Leaders, Acolytes and Ushers, Sr. and Jr. Choirs.

Spiritual Growth Team – Team Leaders Hope Hellwig and Josh Nehls 

These are the people who support our members as they learn more about faith.  They help provide instruction opportunities.  They support members to become teachers of faith in their lives.  These include the Sunday School Staff, Board of Education, VBS, Library administrators, Milestone Ministries, Homebuilders (as teachers of faith to their children), Mentors, and nursery helpers.

Outreach and Ministries Team – Team Leaders Mary Ann Dalgleish and Hannah Severence

These are the people involved in taking the Word out to the community and world through word and deed.  This includes the Evangelism Committee, the Community Services Committee, those people involved in our many service projects and outreach events wherever needed, and our Sunday School Class Special projects.

Congregational Life Team – Team Leaders Bob Graf and Jonathan Graf

These are the people who help the congregation keep their lives stable and balanced so they are healthy and ready to do the ministry they are called to do.  This includes the Elders, Prayer Warriors, Care Team, Home Visitation Team, Meal Ministry Team, Newsletter Committee, Bulletin, Website, Hospitality Ministry, Mutual Ministry, Fair Trade table, and those many groups who provide mutual support to one another: Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Bible Study, Luther League, Book Club, Seekers, etc.

Facilities Team – Team Leaders Paul Dey and Richard Hill

These are the people involved in making sure our spaces are ready and inviting to do the ministry we are called to do.  This includes the Cemetery Committee, Landscaping Committee, the ever helpful Trustees, and the Aesthetics Committee.

Financial Team – Team Leaders Irene Hill and Jack Malicki

These are the people involved in ensuring that our members’ contributions are protected and available for the ministries we are called to do.  This includes the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Counting Team, Annual Audit Team, Memorial Committee, Budget Planning Team, and Endowment Fund (elected to post).

Youth Group Advisor– Ariana Nehls



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