Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Around the Building

You're invited to take a look around the building. :)


The Sanctuary...

  Worship at Zion 2014


The Chancel Area during a children's chat...

  Childrens sermon at Zion


The Gathering Area... (we brought in a comedian)

Zion C.M. 2011 015


Office Area and Entry Area (cookies not included)

  Cookie Walk


View of the building from outside...

Great times


The Pavilion...



The Playground...



The Choir Room...

Choir Room


A Classroom... 

  Class Room


The Library Area



Part of the Youth Room...

Youth Room


Part of the Kitchen...



A Gathering Area Potluck Line... (yum!)

  Christmas potluck 2014 1






Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church | 2233 Abbeyville Rd. | Valley City, OH 44280 | ph: 330-483-3873| office@zionvc.org
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